We continue to expand line-up of our customized products including EMI shielding materials and thermal interface materials.

TIM for 5G/AI Semiconductors

High Thermal Ceramic Paste

Product Overview

Recently, electronic devices used in automotive, electrical, and electronic fields are being lightweight, miniaturized, and multi-functional. As these electronic devices become more integrated, more heat is generated. By developing high thermal ceramic paste for spray, Ntrium provide optimized solution for new package structure.

Characteristics and Merits

  • High Thermal Ceramic Paste (> 3.0W/mK) with high electrical insulation
  • Good Spray Applicability - Good Workability / Uniform profile at both surface and edge


Products NIS-S7B
Filler content wt% = 89    Vol% = 74
Specific gravity (g/cm3) 1.68±0.1
Solid content (wt%) 61.5±1.0
Viscosity(cps) 62±10
Cross-cut tape >5B
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) >3.0
Resistivity (Ω·㎝) >1.1 x 1013
Breakdown Voltage (kV/mm) >18

Application and Other Characteristics

> Cross-sectional FESEM image after spray

FESEM surface after spray application

High Thermal Ag Sintering Paste

Product Overview

Due to the increased performance of 5G and AI, the thermal management technology for controlling chip temperature rise is an issue and a high-heat material has been developed to control it. Its low temperature sintering properties of 200°C or below enable high temperature and high conductivity and form a high thermal conductive metal in the chip to display effective heat-discharge performance

Main Characteristics

Appearance Paste / Grey
Thermal Coductivity[W/mK] ≥ 50
Volume Resistivity[Ω·㎝] ≤ 8 X 10-6
Viscosity[cps CPE-51 5rpm] 30,000±5,000
Thixotropic Index ≥ 5
Product Type One Component
Cure Condition(Convection Oven) 2 step curing, 150℃ X 1Hour, 200℃ X 1Hour
Cross-Cut Test >5B
Shelf Life 3 months @ -20℃

Application and Other Characteristics

High Radiation Sintering Conductive Ag Paste Application