We are Nano-Alchemists.

ESG Management Strategy


Path to a sustainable future, Ntrium inc. is opening the way

Ntrium inc. is clearly aware of the need for corporate pursuit of social values for a sustainable future, both for the company and our society. We will contribute to creating a healthy future by establishing ESG polices and strategies throughout the management, strict management that the society requires, and honest disclosure of information.


We have established management strategies with directions and objectives in E​nvironment (E), Social (S), and Governance (G). ESG management is our company’s no.1 priority in achieving our vision. We will advance eco-friendly management for future generations, reinforce our social responsibilities for shared growth with our members, customers, partners, and the local community, and create a fair and transparent business environment to secure sustainable growth engines.


iconEnvironmental management


Eco-friendly management for nature and man

Environmental management

Preservation of the environment, our precious asset, is a task for all of us and our future.
Ntrium inc. operates systematic environmental management based on the environmental management system according to global standards (ISO14001).


01Human rights and management


We grow together with the local community by focusing on people-centered(human 1st) management and the value of sharing through passion and action.

Human Rights Protection Principles


02Social contribution


With honesty and trust,
we will increase our value,

and we will faithfully work for customer satisfaction and to carry out all social responsibilities and obligations with fair management.

Social contribution values

Under the vision of ‘Connected World, Shared Happiness’, Ntrium inc. strives to connect the people, space, and time for mutual values, and achieve a sustainable future. We plan and hold activities for the employees and their families in ‘Education,’ ‘Local Community,’ and ‘Environment.’ Through these, we will spread the value of sharing and pursue mutual growth with the society.



Board of directors

The board of directors of Ntrium inc. consists of 9 directors: 1 representative director, 4 inside directors, 3 outside directors, and 1 auditor.


iconEthical management

Ntrium inc. takes various stakeholders into consideration in the decision-making process by establishing and practicing ethical regulations. We satisfy the customers with quality products; provide our employees with equal opportunities; maximize the values of shareholders; stably operate the establishments; actively engage in environmental protection and social contribution. Through these, we pursue sustainable growth and development, and support human rights and coexistence.