We are Nano-Alchemists.

CEO’s Message


CEO Jeong Se-Young

  • Bachelor / Master / Ph.D degree at Material Engineering in Seoul National University (2002)
  • Memory Business Division at Samsung Electronics (2007)
  • IMEC Lab (Belgium): Dispatched Researcher (2009)
  • Semiconductor Research Center at Samsung Electronics, Senior Researcher (2012)
  • Established Ntrium Inc. (2013)
  • Presidential citation (revitalization in venture foundation, 2018)
Overseas patent application – 45 cases
Overseas patent application as 1st inventor – 27 cases

Greetings. I am CEO Jeong, Se-Young at Ntrium Inc.

'N' in the Ntrium means Nano or Next.
‘Trium’ means the most powerful weapon made by combining the three spears used by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades in Greek mythology.
Ntrium aims to become a competitive company with the world's best commercialization capabilities based on nanomaterial technology in the future.
Ntrium purpose is to help realize a safer, more convenient and happier human life by overcoming limited technologies through convergence with existing industries based on nano/micro material synthesis and surface processing, micro-particle coating, paste technology,film technology and MEMS/NEMS process technology.

Thank you.

CEO Jeong Se-Young